MA or Master of Arts is a postgraduate degree that is awarded when a student passes an integrated course of study in subjects of humanities and social sciences. MA degree is also awarded for subjects which are normally considered within other domains. Master of Arts course duration is 2 years. 

Master of Arts admission mostly takes place merit based. Some colleges like TISS, JNU, Calcutta University and Jadavpur University take Master of Arts admission through Entrance Exams.

Top 10 Private MA Colleges of Roorkee, Uttarakhand

college NameAffiliation & Recoganizatioun Fees StructureLinks
1.MotherHood UniversityUGC₹42,980(1st Year fees)

2.Quantum UniversityPCI, BCI, UGC₹40,000(1st Year Fees)

3. Quantum School Of Graduate Studies
₹40,000(1st year Fees) 

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