Bachelor of Arts is a 3 year undergraduate course in India. Students studying Bachelor of Arts degree will study a specialisation which means students have to complete core and elective coursework of the specialisation along with the general study requirements of Bachelor of Arts degree. Students can opt for any type of Bachelor of arts degree such as BA History, BA Psychology, BA economics, BA Hindi, BA English etc where the specialisation is History, Psychology, Economics consecutively. 

BA Full Form is Bachelor of Arts. Bachelor of Arts is one of India’s most popular undergraduate degree programs. Every year, over 9 million students pursue Bachelor of Arts courses in a variety of disciplines like History, Hindi, English, Psychology, and Journalism after graduating from high school. 

Top 3 Private BA College Of Tezpur, Assam

College nameAffiliation &
Average Fees
1.Darrang College, TezpurUGC & Gauhati university20,000-30,000
2.Tezpur College, TezpurUGC & Gauhati university15,000-30,000
3. _______ _______ _______

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