The National Education Policy 2020, has been implemented in Madhya Pradesh in the month of August 2021. The details for graduate level are:


  • To combine all the dedicated efforts in the direction for successful implementation of National Education Policy 2020 in Madhya Pradesh.
  • To prepare the workforce to make the culmination of National Education Policy 2020 successful.
  • To present the Principals as excellent and inspiring facilitators.
  • Using expertise of teachers in nurturing creative thinking and innovation in students.
  • To strive to make learning fun and engaging.


  • Four year course at undergraduate level.
  • Choice Based Credit System.
  • Multidisciplinary approach.
  • Availability of multiple entry and exit.
  • Employable vocational course.
  • Internship from first year itself to promote promote provision of practical knowledge.
  • Inclusion of Indian Knowledge Tradition in curriculum.
  • Research Methodology and Graduate Dissertation.
  • Credit Transfer facility.
  • Opportunity for each student to take an Honors course.
  • Promotion of arts, science, physical education and other extra curricular activities.
  • Develop life skills.
  • Practical education

Bachelor’s Curriculum Structure:

  • A Major Subject
  • A Minor Subject
  • One Optional Subject (Open Elective Course)
  • A Vocational Course (Skill Enhancement Course)
  • A Compulsory Subject (Ability Enhancement Course)
  • Internship/ Field Project/ Apprenticeship

Subjects of Study in Fourth Year:

  • Three main question papers.
  • Research Methodology, Graduate Dissertation
  • Internship/ Field Project/ Apprenticeship